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We are glad to present You a unique and beautiful event in the dance world - the 2nd Moscow Dance Festival. As a part of this fabulous event will be competitions in next following groups and categories:

  1. Juvenille and Juniors
  2. Youth and Amateurs
  3. Professional and ProAm


  1. Ranking event of the Russian Dance Union
  2. Professional Grand Prix Ballroom and Latin
  3. International Open ProAm competition
  4. WDC AL Open Competition
  5. JML Series Competition

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Last news

25.12 - Опубликованы результаты MDF-2015.

11.12 - Обновлена транспортная информация и раздел для зрителей.

07.12 - Обновлен раздел, посвященный конгрессу.

Moscow Dance Festival - 2015